Sophie Schmidt口中的「雕像」用電腦

早前Google主席Eric Schmidt訪問北韓,他日前透過自己的Google+戶口,公開此行的見聞,以及北韓互聯網發展狀況,大體上也是說北韓有其「內聯網絡」,能對外網際網絡受嚴密監控,認為北韓要發展必須開放互聯網等老生常談。

反而同行的Eric Schmidt女兒、只有19歲的Sophie Schmidt,她寫的北韓見聞卻有趣得多,她那篇題為「It might not get weirder than this(沒有地方較這兒更怪誕)」的文章,除了以19歲美國女孩角度,諷刺北韓的監控、為外國訪客特別建造、用來粉飾的酒店、現代化建築物外,當中提及她參觀金日成綜合大學e-Library時,那90名正在「上課」的學生,大部份人竟然是「齋睇」著電腦畫面,連滑鼠、鍵盤也不按一下!Sophie Schmidt形容他們根本是「雕像」!

「Looks great, right? All this activity, all those monitors. Probably 90 desks in the room, all manned, with an identical scene one floor up.
One problem: No one was actually doing anything. A few scrolled or clicked, but the rest just stared. More disturbing: when our group walked in–a noisy bunch, with media in tow–not one of them looked up from their desks. Not a head turn, no eye contact, no reaction to stimuli. They might as well have been figurines. 」

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