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《維基解密》網站又有相關香港的機密外交電郵公開!今次公開其中一份電文「Black Pearl – The Threat of Water Pollution to Guangdong’s」,提及廣東省超過一成食水資源不達國家標準,廣州市更高達兩成四。


「The Guanlan and Shima Rivers – Local residents call the Guanlan River in Shenzhen and Shima River in Dongguan the black dragon rivers due to discoloration from industrial and residential waste. Zhang Lijun, former vice minister of China’s State Environmental Protection Administration (forerunner of the Ministry of nvironmental of Protection), was reportedly shocked by the scale and magnitude of pollution in the two rivers on a January 2007 trip to Dongguan to inspect emissions.  Even after mitigation efforts lasting several years and costing billions of renminbi, water quality in the two rivers is still poor.  The rivers’ flows into the Dongjiang River had to be disrupted to prevent pollutants from contaminating an important source of the drinking water for Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities. 」


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