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蘋果的App Store常常會出現一些古怪、甚至近乎十分無聊的Apps,例如將你的iPhone扮作有指模辨析開關功能、X-光透視功能、又或扮作按錯密碼會洗掉手機內的資料等等,這些均是無傷大雅、用來開開玩笑的無聊Apps,可是,若是明刀明槍教人做假,似乎就有點兒那個。

童工看到網上討論區,有人發現App Store中竟然有一個叫「Diploma Maker」的apps,有個簡體的中文名稱叫「【办证】全美高校文凭」,看完當中介紹,竟是一個教人「偽造」美國大學畢業證書的apps!那英文簡介是這樣寫:

「Never let the college degree be a nightmare for your life. MBA will waste 3 years of your life, B.Eng. will even waste 4! However, 【Diploma Maker】 will give whatever you want in seconds! But no one will doubt YOUR scholarship when you proudly display your Own Created Diploma.

【Diploma Maker】 can imitate diploma of 200 top USA universities, over 900 degrees (including Master’s, JD, PhD, MD and DDS). Date your diploma for whenever seems right. Comes with snazzy text, lifelike forged signatures and graphics so convincing everyone swears they’re real. Of course, it supports 300 DPI (1754 x 1240 px) high-qualities printing, which is exactly the same as genuine. You may also share the diploma with your friend through Email, Facebook and Twitter.
You never knew granddaddy’s degree was fake– no one will know yours is either.

******Important Clause******
The software can only be used under the law. 」



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